“This is my third year using REDed and I am very happy with the dance lessons. I am eager to purchase the next series to be able to alternate from year to year.”

Genevieve Sugars, Good Counsel Primary School

“REDed programs are popular with our students. They now love to dance”

Gregory Hall, Eltona Meadows Primary School

“My male students used to view dance as ‘just something girls do’. But since I started delivering the REDed program, the boys are really engaged and thoroughly enjoy the lessons”

Joshua Meyers, Meadow Flat Public School

“Constantly making up different choreography for different levels to popular or musical theatre songs. It would be nice to not have to always work so hard during my holidays.”

Nicole Lylak, Narrewarren South P-12 College

“I am in a unique position where I get to see REDed’s positive impact from both the perspective of a Deputy Principal and a parent.  Thank you REDed!”

Katrin Cornell, Lindfield Public School

“The whole PE Department has been blown away by the quality of the dances and choreography”

Richard Lacey, St Pius X College