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10 reasons to get your kid(s) dancing

Who didn't love dancing in front of the mirror using a hairbrush as a microphone?  Beyond a bit of fun, dance has many benefits to improve the health and wellness of children at all ages. Here we have shared our top ten reasons to get your kid(s) dancing! 1) It will help them take instructions (yes, it's true!) Regular structured dance lessons help children learn to take instructions. Teachers in the schools we visit say [...]

Let Boys Explore Dance! Benefits of Dance for Kids

Benefits of Dance for Kids Believe it or not you can still occasionally run into the stigma that dance classes are only for girls, even in this day and age. That’s simply not true. In fact, I originally created REDed with the specific intention of helping boys to get up and moving. The very first REDed experience was created back in 1999 when an all-boys school took the initiative to contact me and asked if [...]