Year 4

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REDed’s Year 4 Program explores the world of sports (basketball). The outcomes for each lesson sit inside the Australian Curriculum, making it easy to translate to your program and student needs.

  • Learn a series of set routines focused on coordination, musicality and interpretation.
  • Learn a themed core dance with leading questions to explore (assessment opportunity)
  • Learn and experience creative games and tasks to explore different dance styles and ways to respond to music.
  • Explore composition and the Elements of Dance.
  • Experience mindfulness practices.

How does this work? Once purchased you will receive an Educators Master PDF. This will direct you via links to every lesson plan and secure Vimeo link for your year level. It’s a one click wonder!

What you receive:

4 x Year 4 – 45 minute lessons

4 x Year 4 – 60 minute lessons

* Longer lesson is the same as 30 minute lesson with the inclusion of a creative task extension.

Price: $99

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