At REDed we are dedicated to providing the best quality dance education that supports and sustains the school environment. Our dance programs focus on the dance curriculum for ACARA (Australian Curricular, Assessment and Reporting Authority) and NESA (National Education Standards Authority – NSW) delivering interactive, engaging and inclusive dance programs with both a fitness focus (PDHPE) and creative outcome (The Arts).

REDed dance programs offer the necessary structure for learning the Elements of Dance (Space, Time, Dynamics and Relationships), highlighting core fundamental skills of movement and coordination, and skill progression across the year levels. All REDed classes include student driven creativity through guided and improvised tasks.

REDed is able to provide your school with the following resources:

  • REDed Overview of Contract
  • REDed Lesson Plan Documentation
  • REDed Assessment Rubrics
  • REDed Recommended Resources
  • REDed Compliance Documentation
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