Fact 1: Dance is AWESOME for the Posture and now more than ever we NEED it!

The average head weighs 5.4kg. But when we bend forward to, say, read our phone or a book the load goes to 27.2kg, according to the journal Surgical Technology International. It’s time to straighten up!


Fact 2: Dance is a ‘team sport’ and encourages happier vibes in kids

After studying 459 athletes, researchers from the London School of Economics have found that people who play sport (we consider dance an elite sport) in a team not only score the benefits of exercise, they are more satisfied with life than solo exercisers. They say the social aspect of training with a team as well as the relationships you build boost happiness, while feelings of belonging to a group increase positivity.


Fact 3: Sugar – We can’t seem to get away from it, so let’s get active to counteract the effects!

World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines recommend free sugars intake for adults and children be less than 10% of total energy intake, and to be less than 5% for health outcomes. Half of the Australian population, almost 75% of people aged 9-18 years exceed the WHO recommendation.


Fact 4: Guess how much time your kid actually spends on a screen per week!

Did you know that the average Aussie kid spends 35-40 hours a week on a screen*? That’s the equivalent to a full time job!
*Specsavers research published in Body and Soul



Get Moving

Finding a quality screen time activity that also boosts health is challenging as a parent/care giver. REDed is mad for keeping kids fit, healthy and happy through dance, and occupied! So we have created a series of dances that are easily copied via the screen but requires them to MOVE!

Learn the dance tutorial first then dance along with us to the music. We would even go one step further and have your child come up with a costume, teach it to their friends and put on a Sunday afternoon concert for you and the family. We know sharing dance creates awesome vibes for all. There is even a partner dance in there (Give Love) for you to both dance to.

So to get you started select a dance bundle, purchase, download (or request to be sent on USB) and have your kid/s entertained and entertaining, being happy and healthy through dance.