10 reasons to get your kid(s) dancing

Who didn’t love dancing in front of the mirror using a hairbrush as a microphone?  Beyond a bit of fun, dance has many benefits to improve the health and wellness of children at all ages. Here we have shared our top ten reasons to get your kid(s) dancing!

1) It will help them take instructions (yes, it’s true!)

Regular structured dance lessons help children learn to take instructions. Teachers in the schools we visit say that dance students almost always display a greater ability to take instructions both at school and at home.

2) Mindfulness

Shockingly, 1 in 6 young Australians are currently experiencing anxiety often due to a range of stresses from cyber bullying to school exams. A dance class focusses on the present and so teaches children to be mindful and forget past worries and anxiety over the future.

3) Improved self esteem

Dancing helps to improve children’s self-esteem by letting go of a fear of being awkward. Achievements like nailing a dance routine and getting positive praise from teachers and parents all helps boost the confidence of our little ones.

4) The ability to think and act creatively

Dance uses both the left and right side of the brain (one side for technique and the other for creativity).  By learning to dance at an early age, children will have a greater ability to be creative in their adult years including the ability to visualise creative ideas and bring them to life.

5) Develop social skills

Dance classes help improve social skills by teaching kids to work as a team, communicate, increase spatial awareness and develop body language.

6) Increased confidence

We have seen many students with social and learning difficulties gain confidence through dance. Because a class doesn’t rely on spoken language and can be taught through mimicking the instructor’s moves, dance can develop confidence and social skills amongst non-English speakers or children with learning difficulties.

7) Creates happiness

If your child is dancing to fun music, he/she will release large levels of endorphins – creating a natural high. Many REDed students are young boys who are initially reluctant to participate in a dance class. Once they hear their favourite music and get physically involved, they’re hooked!

8) Physical benefits (beyond fitness)

Beyond fitness, dance classes help children develop their flexibility, range of motion, strength and stamina.

9) Teaches healthy life time habits (including ‘brain breaks’)

Participating in dance classes helps children learn healthy lifetime habits such as good posture and taking ‘brain breaks’ – breaking up tasks with a short dance or physical activity to increase productivity and focus.  As Taylor Swift put it: shake it off.

10) Empowerment

Structured dance classes can empower kids through positive reinforcement and creating a sense of achievement. Many REDed students are empowered to get creative outside of lessons by creating their own dance routines, mixing music, making costumes and dance sets.

If you want to get your kid(s) into dance, drop us a line on info@reded.com.au or download a dance tutorial from www.reded.com.au and get your kids moving right now!