Inexperienced Teachers vs. Professional Dance Educators

Redid Dance Education Routines foe Schools

Dance Educators – Does it make a difference as to who runs your school dance lessons?

Well, sure I’m a little biased, so of course I’m going to say yes! It absolutely does make a difference to have a trained dance educator on hand. The teachers will know this about getting shy students to speak up in class, or to participate in group activities – it sometimes takes an experienced touch to coax a girl or boy out of their shell. Once you start with a dance education program you’ll sometimes find that this can go double for new dancers – it’s a whole-body expression requiring an openness that is sometimes hard to achieve for children.

Plus, we know some really funky dance moves. That always wows the kids and makes them open up to learning something new.

All that being said, never fear REDed is here and if we can’t literally be there in person we’re going to do our very best to make sure that teachers are as prepared as possible to bring a dance curriculum to your kids.

The REDed dance syllabus by dance educators

I’ve sat in a lot of staff rooms in my time and the number one woe of teachers everywhere is that they just don’t have the time to add more research of resources to their already over-crammed schedules.

So the REDed dance program is not only designed to make dance fun and positive for children, it’s also geared to empower busy teachers with knowledge, lesson plans, dance lessons, and confidence. If I do my job well it won’t be long until school teachers can harness the energy that REDed exudes through its routines and are able to inspire their students with their own sense of self-confidence.

So that’s the first step for teachers out there. We’ll save you the time with our program, and you can engage your kids in quality conversations about their dance experience. This in turn will further your understanding of what your students want or need, and before you know it you’re becoming dance-literate and skilled step-by-step… literally.

REDed Hot Tip – Invest in the learning phase through dance resources to find your comfort zone. Watch and listen to how your students respond to the various resources and start to formulate what is not only curriculum-successful to score that tick on your “to-do” list, but what is also engaging and has a long-term positive effect on the students.