9-11 years Dance Routines

Get Ready Warm Up Level 3

Theme: Warm Up - Full body static and dynamic    

Progressing on the same core warm up of 7-9 yrs olds, this version brings in movement complexity in the chorus and speed during core skills. Focus on strength and flexibility alongside simple co-ordination of...

Price: $9.99


Theme: Futuristic / Evolution                                                                              


Price: $9.99


Theme: Percussive Play                                                                             

This one is...

Price: $9.99

One Thing

Theme: Dance floor fun / Music relationship                                                                              ...

Price: $9.99


Theme: Strength in Motion                                                                               


Price: $9.99

Wind Me Up

Theme: Robotic                                                                                        ...

Price: $9.99

Body Beats Level 3

Theme: Body Percussion / Creative Task                                             

Progressing on the 7-9 yr olds version of this dance, body percussion and super cool sound...

Price: $9.99

Dance Resources for Primary Teachers

So you know that dance offers all sorts of benefits for school-age kids. It sounds super and you want to integrate dance into your school’s curriculum. There’s only one problem – you don’t know the first thing about dancing. No worries! We have you covered with our dance resources for primary teachers.

Easy-mode for dance classes!

If you don’t have any dance experience at all that’s A-OK. Dale Pope, REDed’s founder, has years of experience teaching a wide variety of classes and dance companies. She’s worked with Bindi Irwin and the Crocmen/Jungle Girls, the Australian Girls’ Choir, she’s choreographed a number of dances for multiple TV ads, and the list goes on and on.

Equally as important for the REDed dance curriculum, Dale has worked with a lot of teachers over the years. All of this experience has gone into the creation of our downloadable videos, making sure that they’re not only friendly for the kids, but for the teachers as well!

Dance resources for primary teachers

We make sure that your primary dance program has you covered from A to Z. You’ll start with a warm-up video, and then select from a variety of routines that focus on different aspects of physical and mental health – you can work your kids’ upper bodies one day, then choose a dance that is all about dynamic speed changes the next.

And don’t forget, you have another awesome dance class resource at your disposal – your students! Once the videos have taught them some moves you can always turn to them to come up with more self-generated routines. Give them a theme – animals, the weather, different cultural histories – and watch them create something amazing!

If you have any questions at all about our dance resources for primary teachers please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be delighted to help you out!