7-9 years Dance Routines

Get Ready Warm Up Level 2

Theme: Warm Up - Full body / Static and dynamic                                     

Progressing on the same core warm up of 5-7 yr olds, this version brings in movement...

Price: $9.99

Funky Chicken

Theme: Animal (Farm Yard) / Partner dance                                                     

This is one super cool, super funny and super fast dance!

Price: $9.99

Bring It On!

Theme: Sports (Basketball)                                                                     

Focusing on the storyline of the individual...

Price: $9.99

This World Is Mine

Theme: Empowerment / Hip Hop                                                                         

A fun, vibrant...

Price: $9.99

You Know I Know You Can Dance

Theme: Hoe Down                                                                                      ...

Price: $9.99

Let It Out

Theme: Empowerment                                                                                 

This is...

Price: $9.99

Body Beats Level 2

Theme: Body Percussion / Creative Task                                                 

Progressing on the 5-7 yr olds version of this dance, body percussion and super...

Price: $9.99

Primary School Dance Programs

Our primary school dance programs are stuffed full of benefits for your kids. The programs promote fitness, flexibility, spatial awareness, and that core strength stuff that’s all the rage these days. And we make it all as easy as possible on teachers with our downloadable routines.

Check out the samples!

Let your mouse wander through the video clips we provide on this page so you can get a feel for the variety of dance routines we’ve built for your kids. The routines are upbeat and fun for sure, but they’re also so much more! Each dance is designed to emphasize different aspects – some put extra work into upper body muscles, others focus on co-ordination, others still build up your kids’ ability to deal with dynamic movement speeds, and so on. No two dances are ever the same!

Primary school dance program

As if all that physical goodness wasn’t enough, a good dance program in your school brings along a wealth of discipline and social skill-building along for the ride. Your students are going to learn how to work together as they begin to want to come up with routines of their own. They’ll become more aware of the other kids both in the emotional sense as well as spatial so elbows don’t get introduced to faces. A plucky teacher can even throw in a cultural lesson or two, describing the history of different styles of dance.
If you’d like more info about our primary school dance programs we’re here to help you out! Shoot us a message through our contact page.