4-5 year olds Dance Routines

Get Ready Warm Up Level 1

Theme: Warm Up - Full body / Static and dynamic                                                   

Dynamic, engaging full body warm up including stretches....

Price: $9.99

Tiny Monsters

Theme: Halloween                                                                                       

Price: $9.99

Touch Screen

Theme: Robotic                                                                                        ...

Price: $9.99

Kindy Dance

Our Kindy Dance program channels your kid’s natural urge to move into a positive and healthy learning session.

Start them off young!

If you’re wondering if your child is too young to take a dance lesson or two the answer is absolutely positively 100% no! There’s no such thing as “too young” when it comes to moving your body to the music – watch an infant when he or she is around a good rhythm and you’ll catch them wiggling their baby behinds to the beat.

Dancing is a primal part of all of us. Before we ever have a vocabulary and the ability to speak it we have the language of our bodies. When boys and girls wriggle and fidget and flail part of it is puppy energy, but another big part of all that motion is their desire to tell the world this is how I feel! Since they don’t yet have the power of words at their command they’ll communicate with the best instrument they have at hand – their bodies.

The Kindy Dance program

We’ve put a lot of love into our kindy-friendly routines. They’ll help your kids reach and maintain good physical health. They’ll become more socially aware as they learn how to communicate new dance ideas to their classmates. They’ll give your child a way to let out all those feelings they have boiling up inside.

Best of all, they’ll have a great time doing it!

Check out the Dance samples on the page. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

P.S. Yes parents, you’re allowed to dance along with the routines too.